Kate-the-Critic’s Philosophy

The Columbus Dramatullgy is my attempt to familiarize myself with theatrical work being produced in Columbus, Ohio. That’s right, even though I am a Columbus native and a trained theater professional, I am completely naive to the work that is done in this town.  I hope my reviews of local plays, my thoughts on the state of the business of theater in our town, and my observations about work going on around the country will incite some discussion in the community while also allowing me a chance to hone my critical eye and learn more about our city’s cultural life.

I feel strongly that criticism is only useful if it identifies the target audience for the play it is analyzing. My goal is to get butts in the seats at all of our area theaters, regardless of my opinion of the quality of the production.  The tone of this blog is intentionally casual, and at no point do I claim to be an expert on anything on which I am writing.  It is merely an opinion, hopefully educated by my many years of schooling (I have the student loan debt to prove it!). My husband David is my sounding board, so he will likely have a constant presence both in my posts and on his own page, David’s Corner. He is the original Tull afterall, so it feels only natural that he should contribute to the Dramatullgy.

Finally, I will begin each review with two contextualizing tools: The Nail-Bite Factor (NBF) and the Asterisk (*): 


I am a chronic nail biter. I’ve come to terms with this fact and don’t plan on quitting… ever. I made this decision when I realized that my juvenile habit actually allowed me to assess how engaged I am in a performance. I found myself saying things like “I was so f—ing bored I bit all my nails off” (*cough* Anna in the Tropics on Broadway *cough*), or something like, “Even though that was 3 hours long, I didn’t put my hands in my mouth once!”  Because of this fingernail phenomenon, I’ve decided to start each Review with a ranking, 0-5. o – it’s an engaging, possibly spectacular show… hands never even went near my mouth to 5 – so dreadful I am left with bloody nubs. There are other factors that make me bite my nails… not-enough-sleep and drank-too-much-wine being the most common. I’ll set the ranking based on what is left of my nails at the end of the play, but will always alert the reader to whether or not I went to a wine-tasting beforehand.



In an informal and highly personal forum such as this blog, I find it necessary to frame my criticism with any external circumstances or influences that may have colored my opinion of the work. Each Review will begin with an Asterisk (*), a disclaimer that contextualizes the opinion I’m about to give, because ultimately that’s all an art review is…. one person’s opinion.

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  1. […] To better understand the format of this Review, please first read my page entitled Kate-the-Critic’s Philosophy. […]

  2. […] To better understand the format of this Review, please first read my page entitled Kate-the-Critic’s Philosophy. […]

  3. Can’t see what’s to come in the world of dramatullgy! Cheers! -Austin

  4. How Exciting!!!! I look forward to reading more and more!

  5. Absolutely fabulous. I love this.

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